Born to Kill

DNA is not a crime. (Or is it?)

When a UCLA professor discovered the genotype shared by all convicted serial killers and mass murderers, fear of “potential serial killers” seized the USA. Asphalt-poor but smart, Matt Hamilton became an unlikely hero to the newly profiled. From an online quiz to street protests, he spearheaded a movement to demand justice – until he ended up in Corcoran State Prison.

Is Matt doing twenty-five-to-life because of the 24-hour hype cycle? As a victim of genetic profiling? Or something more sinister?

Prison forces Matt into contact with a lot of dangerous characters, including serial killer Jack Carlson, who has a following of peace-loving “disciples.” Is Jack faking his newfound good behavior? Or has he actually “received the light,” as he would put it?

Jack Carlson credits UCLA professor Susan Witherell with saving his life. Matt blames her for ending his. How are the fates of these two men intertwined by the woman who discovered the genotype, and who else from their pasts binds them together?

In the vein of mind-bending thrillers by Chuck Palahniuk and Philip K. Dick, with a story ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, Born to Kill will challenge what you know about who is good and who is deadly. More than a simple crime drama, Born to Kill gradually reveals itself to be an exploration of whether people can really change.

Read from Matt Hamilton’s prison diary…

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